Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have no idea whatsoever why I thought of this-
but when we had our 20 wk scan, after we had the long ultrasound where she told us everything was perfect (stab stab twist twist) the DVD burner didn't work.  So she had me lay back down and grease back up and she did a quick 3 minute look so we could have a recording of the baby.  She gave us both DVDs so that we'd at least have the short one, but she hoped the long one worked.
We got them home and we had two blank DVDs.
Who even knows if I believe in all of this (who even knows what I believe) but lady that can't work a DVD burner?  Or a sign?
*insert theme to twilight zone* 


Letters to Benjamin said...

I am so sorry sweetie! :'(