Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some photos of Aiden James

This is minutes after he was born.  He's very red in color, and his skin was super sensitive because he was so severely premature.  He was almost 11 inches long!

Above is Aiden right before he was baptized.

Below is me holding him.


Bree said...

He's beautiful, Christy. Reminds me so much of Ella. She was about the same size. Did you just post these or did I miss them before? Hugs, friend!

Hannah Rose said...

So adorable. I'm so sorry for your losses. :'-( I have fraternal twin brothers and fraternal twin aunts so it hurts so badly to see people lose twins. I'm so glad for this supportive community of babyloss moms. Blessings, Hannah Rose


Hollie Ann said...

I have never lost anyone close to me so I have no idea how you are feeling. and I am so sorry for everything that you have been through. Your story is so beautiful to me though. I would love you talk to you sometime.

Beth said...

Oh sweet boy.

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks reading this. Your little ones look so much like my girls lost too soon to pPROM.