Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Doctor Update from Wednesday

So, we had several appointments this morning.  The first was the ultrasound.  It confirmed that Baby A still has little to no fluid.  This fluid doesn't necessarily mean her survival in the womb, but she needs it for development of the lungs, which is the big deal for when she comes out.  She could stay in there for weeks and keep growing normally, but she doesn't have room to move and is getting kind of stuck in a corner, while her brother just keeps swimming away, oblivious to the whole ordeal.
The doctor talked us through a bunch of stuff.  He basically said at this point, even though Twin A is in a dire situation, there is more good news than bad news.  It looks like I'll be pregnant for a while, and each day is so important.  There's nothing I can do in the meantime except rest and take care of myself and keep drinking a lot of water.
We also met with a neonatologist from the NICU, which was a very hard thing to do.  The way I see it, her job is to let us know that having a preemie (2 preemies) is a serious situation and we need to prepare ourselves for the fact that little baby A, even if she stays in there for weeks more, could come out and just plain not be able to function her little lungs.  She talked about how we may eventually have to make a decision - if A were struggling, we totally have B to consider to.  I have to say, as a parent, which I already feel like one, I have no clue how anyone EVER could make that decision, even though I know that they do.  She explained that a dr from the NICU would be there at the delivery and the babies would immediately whisked away, I probably wouldn't even get a glimpse of them.
I guess I'm already mourning a little bit of the way you think this will all go down.  Family in the waiting room, excited to see the little baby.  You get to hold it on your chest.  I guess none of this matters anymore-and when you really put it into perspective, just having a little bit of hope that these babies might survive makes all of that stuff incredibly irrelevant.  We are praying and hoping that these steroids help and that somehow this little tough girl can get her lungs working and hang out in there long enough for her little brother to get his stuff together, too.
We pray and we wait.  :)