Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday, April 1st

We were greeted this morning by our doctor who all of the sudden seemed a little more optimistic.  He explained that, while there is no way to predict what is going to happen, it was a great sign that we hadn't gone into labor yet.  He took me off the IV and put me on antibiotics in pill form.  He also said something completely shocking: If by Friday, things were still nice and boring, I could potentially finish my bedrest at home.  This excited me but terrified me at the same time.  While no one wants to be laying in the hospital, I felt safe knowing I was right around the corner from labor and delivery.  I liked having Brian right with me-my biggest, biggest fear was that something would happen very quickly and he wouldn't make it in time from wherever we was.  
We were cautiously optimistic as well, and my spirits began to raise a little. We were praying so hard and I swear we have every person we know and every person they know praying for these little guys.
We couldn't believe that we were hitting the 72 hour mark, and I believe we celebrated with our favorite things, those little $2 crossword scratch off lottery tickets :)