Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've gotten about 10 letters in the mail so far from WEA, my insurance company.  I always open them to gawk at just how much it costs to be in the hospital, to have a sonogram, etc.  Usually, I just announce how many thousands it is to Brian and throw the things away.  The last letter we got from WEA was new insurance cards.  I thought..hmmm...maybe we are on a bad list or something now that I spent so much time in the hospital, hahaha.  Then I looked at the insurance cards.  It said:
Brian W
Christine W
Aiden W

I just about lost it.  What in the world?  I was SO MAD, but all I could do was cry.  How could the insurance company not know that he died?  Yet they knew Sophie had?

I miss my baby girl and my baby boy :(