Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Memory Box

There's a hallway that I've been meaning to decorate ever since we finished the basement, and I decided to go ahead and do it for a little area for memories.
We went and found an accent table that we both liked, and Brian put it together.  This was the hardest part-brian is so good at putting things together, but he really thought he'd be putting a lot more things together for the babies. Also, the last thing he did right before my water broke was finish putting together all the furniture for the nursery.
We also went to hobby lobby and got a beautiful lamp as well as a very nice wooden box.  The memory boxes they gave us from the NICU were nice, but they were big and bright purple :)  There's also a sign that says Mother: a mother holds he childrens hands for just a short whie, but holds their hearts forever' which is so fitting of our situation.  I will always and forever remember both of them wrapping their little tiny fingers around mine.
Inside the memory box I have pictures, their wristbands and ours, the clothes and diapers that they wore, two tiny little teddy bears, and some other misc things.  When we get their ashes back (shouldn't we have those by now?) they will go there too.