Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2008

This particular weekend had been a great one.  I had spent Sunday in Prairie du Chien with our dear, dear friends Mary Kay and Peg.  We could sit and talk forever!
When we got back on Sunday night, it was our usual routine:  dinner and the Amazing Race :)  At about 9:30 we talked about going to bed-we are early to bedders :)  At 9:40, I got into bed.  I turned onto my right side, which is how I always sleep, and I felt a gigantic pop and instantly I was wet.  I stoop up, saying "Ok, something is wrong, brian. Something is wrong."  There was literally wet stuff gushing down my legs.  Brian rushed into action, grabbed me a new pair of pants and put Louis in his kennel.
The trip to the hospital was the longest 20 minutes I've ever felt.  I kept freaking out and when Brian would try to calm me and say ,"It's going to be ok" I wanted to scream.  I knew my water had broken and at just a little past 21 weeks pregnant, I knew things were definitely not ok.
We got to the hospital and got immediately whisked up to labor and delivery.  One nurse was very hopefully that a baby had just kicked my bladder and I had wet myself.  I desperately wanted to believe her, but of course, I knew that wasn't what happened.  
The first glimmer of hope that we had at one point was a nurse saying, "Honey, don't worry!  If you ruptured, we just keep you here on the floor."  Coming from the perspective that I thought this was all over, I didn't even know if I believed her.
They wouldn't let me get up and I kept leaking fluid, which was awful.  Finally, a doctor came and he really started prepping me for labor: he checked for strep b, talked about moving me to a c-section room just in case.  He also did a horrible test to make sure it was amniotic fluid, which it was (surprise!).  They did a quick ultrasound to confirm that it was baby A, our little girl, who had lost her fluid.  Then they told me I was to just wait; that I'd surely be going into labor within about 12 hours.  They gave me all sorts of different scenarios-they wouldn't stop me from going into labor if it started because I most likely had an infection.  They could potentially try to stop labor after Twin A was born and leave Twin B in there-it doesn't usually work, but they could try.  Basically it was a wait and see game.  They hooked me up to an IV drip of antibiotics and got Brian a hospital bed to sleep in.  We called our mom's, got Louis taken care of, and had a horrible, non-restful night of sleep, thinking that when I woke up, I'd be in labor.