Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friday, April 3rd-Tuesday April 7th

The doctor came in and told us that he was pretty excited that we had made it this far without going into labor.  He basically felt that I was going to still be pregnant for a while, at least.  I think his words were, "I could be wrong...but I'm usually right."
We packed all our stuff up and the anxiety hit me a little, but I missed my bed and my doggie, with whom I've spent a lot of time since then!  Brian has been absolutely amazing (as if you expected anything different).  My friends and colleagues at work are simply the best.  After all that has happened to us this year, you'd think they'd just write me off as too much work!!!!!  Our families call or stop by all the time and are so supportive, even though you can tell they struggle with this nearly as much as we do.
Our next goal was to make it to Wednesday, when I would go into the doctor to get the first of two steroid shots.  Not the muscle building type, but the lung developing type for the babies.  On Friday we would be officially 23 weeks, and once you reach that point, every single day counts for the babies outlook.