Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All night long, we got updates on Aiden.  He needed a chest tube; his air was leaking.  He needed another, the first one didn't work.  He needed a blood transfusion-he only had a little blood but he was losing it fast.  This probably meant he had bleeding in his brain.
A doctor came to tell us that Sophie's cultures had come back and she had a horrible bug.  Since Aiden was her twin, there was an 85% chance that he had it, too.  But he was still doing ok.
We decided to go down to visit since we had the ok.
Within seconds, it was if the world had stopped.  I couldn't believe it.  Aiden had fluid.  Aiden had the steroid shots.  He was strong.  He was a squirmer!  He was going to make it.  They had an ultrasound machine in to see if his brain was bleeding. The nurse came to us.  His heart rate was dropping.  Did we want to recussitate(sp?) him?  How many times.
We made the absolutely heartwrenching decision to take him off his machines.  His brain was bleeding, he probably had this bug.  He was too little to fight this.
Again came out the dividers and the rocking chair and the kleenex and the cameras. Someone came to baptise him.  They put a little gown on him that seemed so small and so fake.  He had blond hair.  He looked like Brian.  Sophie had my nose (poor little girl).