Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some Updates

*I went to inservice and I survived. Two more ladies at my school are pregnant. I wanted to die most of the time. But I made it through. So many ladies here are teachers and they have all been supportive-telling me that I can do this. It's just not the kind of job where if I need time-if I need to break down-I can't. I can't walk out of a room of 30 7th graders and leave them there so I can cry. I know in the long run that I need this-that I need to stay busy and be distracted and do what I love. I just am scared and stressed.

*I am loving my new principal. We have this group of "good ol' boys" at my school-you know, the nay-sayers, that don't like change, and all of that. I think they're funny, but annoying because they try to stop every forward thinking thing we try to do. Anyway, during staff meetings, they always try to sit away from the rest of the staff. The principal was like, "Hey, guys-how about joining the rest of us over here?" He made them move! AND he stopped the meeting and SHUSHED them. I was cheering on the inside! Finally, someone stands up to them!!!

*The surrogate mother situation. I can't even..I don't even want to say this because, honestly, this has GOT to be a worst-case scenario. I would never want this to sway someone out there from choosing surrogacy. I just feel so bad for this woman.
Ok, so K is the surrogate mother. She chose this couple, T & J, because they had lost two sets of twins, and the doctor had told them it was not safe for them to try anymore to have children.
So they sign all the contracts, do all the transfers and everything, and K becomes pregnant. At around 7 wks, she has some bleeding and starts to worry-but no miscarriage. At 8 wks, she finds are NOT going to believe this. That J, herself, is PREGNANT. No lie. She is a month behind K.
Are you with me? This is nuts.
So the pregnancy continues, and at their 19 wk scan, they find out there's a possibility of downs. They have an amnio, and it comes back 100% that the baby has Down's.
Friday, K is told that no matter what, they want to terminate. She is pushing hard for them to allow her to carry the baby and give it up for adoption. She has gone to see them, emailed, talked. The only thing she can due is break the contract, and then there will most definitely be a lawsuit filed against them. The termination is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.
I just can't believe what a mess this and how bad I feel for everyone involved in it. :(


Just Breathe said...

That most definately is the worse case scenario I have ever heard.
How could something so precious and kind turn into something to unbelievably tragic. My heart goes out to the surrogate mother.

Anonymous said...

Omg, I feel so bad for T, J and K. So sad. Is it in the contract that the parents can force a termination? What if the carrier doesn't believe in abortion? So complicated.

I'm so glad you have such a great boss. I had 8 years with a terrible boss. When she finally left and a wonderful new boss came in, it took all of us at least a year to learn how to relax!

Bluebird said...

That - makes my head spin. How very heartbreaking for all involved. But if I'm really honest- my heart just breaks for K :(