Monday, August 24, 2009

Screw you,

"Before you get panicked at the inevitability of preterm labor, let's break down the statistics. If you are having "just" twins, you are likely to have full-term, healthy twins within the last few weeks of the third trimester. Of the seventy percent that were reportedly born early, many were born within a few weeks of their due date. Fewer are born severely prematurely at 24-28 weeks. You can increase your odds by maintaining a healthy pregnancy."

Really, All I have to do is maintain a healthy pregnancy and that will make my chances better to not have premature labor?

So....what? Do you mean, like, don't eat deli meat?

Like I said, screw you. Screw you for coming up in my search.


Tina said...

Absolutely...SCREW YOU!!! I had a healthy pregnancy with my "just twins" until I went into preterm labor. And the statistics I have read say the survival rate for mono/mono twins (which mine were) is 50-70%!!! What a bunch of ignopranty a$$holes...they need to read our blogs!

Akul's mama said...

I hate statistics because they made me oblivious to my fate. I had such a rosy picture of my future...I was going to come home with a live baby and live forever with I am a statistic that most people think does not apply to them..the 1-2% chance of things going wrong..that chance is me.

Catherine W said...

Yup SCREW YOU!! I also had a healthy pregnancy with "just" twins. And as my girls don't even come under the severely premature category described here they obviously aren't even included. And if you've even seen a premature baby born at a gestation starting with a 2, panic is the appropriate reaction. Despair too.

When I think back to how careful I tried to be, it just makes me feel sad. I cried because I drank a caffeinated coca cola by accident once.

One more time, SCREW YOU! Sorry it popped up in your search sweetie. Reader is forever recommending stuff about twins to me. Obviously can't tell I don't need it. xx

Anonymous said...

Aaargh. Stay away from Google! It is now forbidden! I'm so sorry. :(

Kristy ~ said...

If only it were that easy. If only anything were that easy. Seriously? I am angry for you, hell, I am angry for me. I am angry for anyone who has delt with pre-term labour issues, and pre-term births. Its not about being healthy, its not about taking care of yourself...its so much more then that. I've always taken care of myself, watched what I ate - or didn't eat, did what my Dr's told me to do, yet here I am. I am starting the think that the magic answer is to not care. Not care about what you do, what you eat because I did all the right stuff - many times, and it didn't matter.

Screw you google, screw you internet.

LOTS of *hugs*

Bree said...

If it were only that easy, right? Screw that!