Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Conversation* today, in my room after school is over, with the custodian.

We see E walk by, who yells, cheerfully, "Good night, Christy!". She just recently got engaged to another teacher in my school.

S, the custodian says, "Someone should tell her that she shouldn't be so happy. Tell her that it's getting married that really begins the aging process."

I say, "Yep."

S says, "Heh. Then comes kids. You reaaaaallllly start to age once you have kids."

I say (in my head), "Then those babies die. You really, really start to age once they die."

I say (aloud), "Yep."

*if conversation means that he complains about life and how bad the students are while I try like crazy to get my work finished so that I can go home and nod or grunt at appropriate pauses in said conversation


Just Breathe said...

I'm glad you were strong but who needs to hear that. Maybe if you said what you thought he would shut up!

Akul's mama said...

This shows you what surface lives people live till life really happens to them.

Bree said...

That's why I always bailed at 3 pm and took my work home. I don't like overly happy people anymore either.