Monday, September 28, 2009

A million years

After filling out the one zillion page questionnaire (read: one zillion equals 6 double sided pages), the fertility clinic called me today to make an appointment.
October 19th.
It seems a MILLION years away. I just wanted to be pregnant before the time I got pregnant last year. Not gonna happen. Why am I whining about this? Who knows how long it will take anyway!?
I just want to call my nurse practitioner and have her give me the clomid-she's who gave it to me before-but in order to have the transvaginal ultrasound after to check for the nuber of follicles (to avoid multiples), I have to go to the fertility clinic. ALL I need is a dumb u/s!!!!!! (well, I hope. I really, really hope).

Over the weekend we found THE house. Not even kidding. It was so much better than the other one that I loved and only 5,000 more. It already has an offer but they have a contingency on selling their house. oooooohhhhhhh I want this house!
I feel it will take (you guessed it) a million years for our house to sell.

Please help-how do you regain your patience? How do you not feel like every single thing in life you have to wait so much longer than everyone else for?



margaret said...

I have no patience. Honestly, none at all. I am the worst example in the world for my children when it comes to that subject so I don't even know what to suggest. The only thing I wonder is if they cannot do a cerclage should you get pregnant with twins again? Sending you hugs...

Just Breathe said...

I don't have the answers but I do know that everything is in Gods time and we must wait.

bir said...

I have no patience either. Zilch! And dealing with fertility clinics and everyone in them... I have to continually remind myself that THEY are the trained experts not I (although sometimes I wonder... )!!

I don't know, is the answer to your question, but please share it if you find it!


Bree said...

I echo what Bir says. If you figure out the way to regain patience, let us know!

I've been thinking a lot about what you wrote on my blog about believing the babies were gifts from your father in law. I thought the same of my father. Then, when I lost her, I was so angry at him for a long time. Wondering why he didn't protect us. I thought maybe he took her from me because he was upset with me. You see, my mom and I were the ones to decide not to put him on life support. We just wanted peace for him. I then went through a phase where I wondered if I had to have her because he was lonely. I guess I've come to accept that two people I love the most are together. I feel at peace with that now.

Akul's mama said...

To know that there is nothing that I control makes me patient.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean - when I'm ready to go, I wanna go NOW! I hope you can get the Clomid ball rolling soon. And hopefully the perfect house will be available soon, too! :)

Bluebird said...

I *suck! when it comes to patience! Did you put yourself on the cancellation list? Call every week to see if anything's changed? Um, yeah, I'm "that girl" :)

Honestly, all I can recommend is to keep yourself busy. During my 3ww with our twins (don't ask), I made several trips to my mom's who lives 3 hours away. It just gave me something to do, you know?

Very exciting about the house :)

Nan said...

It is rough to have patience these days, hang in there hon! Hugs, Nan xo