Monday, June 29, 2009

An update..

Well, I'm back.  I'm doing ok-with a minor breakdown on Sunday night.  We went to see the fireworks with our good friends, and I just got so sad.  I just kept thinking that Sophie and Aiden would never get to be sitting in my lap, wearing their glowsticks, jumping at the big booms.  Everything that includes joy somehow makes me sad, too.
BUT here's how my week went!!

Monday night we drove home to my mom's.  Drove around the town I grew up in.  It's so weird to see the house where I grew up (my parents got divorced when I was in college and I never got to go back in my house) and where my grandparents lived.
Tuesday we had lunch with a college friend and dinner with my mom and her husband.  Wednesday we drove to Milwaukee to see my sister and then at night had dinner with high school friends.  Thursday we stayed home for the windshield on our car to be replaced (grrrr) and then at night we saw my group of friends from college.  They are hilarious-and they totally cheered me up.  We met up at this bar in a small town, and my friend Dan-who you'd just have to know to totally understand-was like-you guys, did you see across the street?

Um, no?

Well, there was an old time photo studio there-so we forked out the money and got to do a "saloon" scene.  It was actually really fun!!!  We stayed out late catching up.  A picture to tide you over:

Then Friday we went to the Illinois Train Museum.  My husband is obsessed  with trains!!!  It actually was fun-but after a while, all the trains started to look alike to me.  Look how big and old some of them were!!!

We hung out with my nephew Friday night and Saturday night and then we came back Sunday morning.  Sunday I went to see a play in the afternoon and at night we had the fireworks.  Now we are back and have 91 cents in our checking account (don't worry, we get paid tomorrow!)!!!

Oh, and we went to the gym today...yep.  25 minutes of run/walking and 25 minutes of lifting.  Saw a few too many photos of myself this weekend!

Much love


Just Breathe said...

It sounds like a very nice time. I grew up just east of downtown Chicago. Came out to CA in the late '80's. My brother lives in Milwaukee he actually is well know for his directing of plays. I don't think he has one going on right now. It's a small world.