Friday, June 19, 2009

Ok, I posted a LOT today!

Ok, so here is our "patio garden."  I've been so excited about this thing and it is actually really working!  And today, oh today, I started screaming because I actually saw broccoli in the broccoli!  I don't know if shows up in the pictures, but seriously-I was like, ok, this looks broccoli-ish, but I see no broccoli anywhere. Then today!  Bam!  Broccoli!!!

Here is the whole patio garden:

Here are the tomato plants underneath:

and the little baby broccoli!:


Just Breathe said...

How exciting. I've never really tried a garden of veggies and I don't know why! We love fresh vegetables! (lazy)

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing all your posts today! I'm so sorry about the eye doc. :(

It's funny how the need to nurture comes out one way or another. I had to start a garden when DH made me stop adopting pets. In his defense, he is very outnumbered.