Sunday, June 14, 2009

My pregnancy

I've been meaning to do this for a while now.  I want to make a list of all the happy things that I remember from being pregnant so that it keeps its meaning and I don't forget :)

-feeling so sick in Jamaica and thinking all the food was terrible!!!
-getting home super late at night-thinking I shouldn't take that pregnancy test because I would be so crabby at school-I was used to getting negatives.  Instead, I took it, it came up as pregnant right away, and I went running into Brain's bathroom to show him.....totally naked!!!!  :)  I was all ready to take a shower when I changed my mind
-telling just a few people at school
-having Bobbi eye up my stomach before I told anyone
-giving my mom and brian's mom the present revealing that we were pregnant at Christmas
-finding out it was twins!!!  listening to brian jump straight to how expensive high school would be to have two kids at once!
-all the jokes people would say about twins
-how donna in the office would call me "little mama"
-having a dinner at the olive garden, having all the moms that I know share tips with me-realizing that everybody doesn't actually wake their newborn up to feed them!
-lying in bed reading pregnancy books
-getting the email every week telling me how old the baby was and comparing its size to a fruit :)
-the day we passed the first trimester and miscarriage was now just a tiny chance
-the little presents we would get
-finding out it was one boy and one girl and that they were perfect and healthy
-picking out the nursery furniture
-watching brian put the cribs together
-sitting in the glider in the nursery, reading books to the babies and listening to music
-buying a mini van!
-having my mom call me every week to tell me what she had bought for the babies
-sharing the ultrasound pictures
-calling mary kay to tell her and having her scream into the phone!
-spending my whole prep time looking at
-morning sickness (not a great thing, but now I'm happy for it)
-a group of my 8th graders doing a skit about brian and me-and the girl who played me had a huge pillow in her stomach!
-shopping for maternity clothes
-visiting the baby section in Target every single time we were there
-registering for the baby showers with my mom, going out to lunch and talking about the babies
-lying in bed, feeling them kick
-the first time Brian got to feel them kick from the outside
-hearing their super fast heartbeats
-going to the library to get baby books and knowing the librarian who checked me out and she had to try to not comment on it as we hadn't told anyone about it yet!
-catching the eye of people in stores, having them smile at me
-parking the special "for mommies" parking stall
-joking with my students about how crabby I was!
-falling asleep so early
-having people open doors for me
-feeling so special that we were having twins
-setting up daycare for them
-just feeling so excited and waiting for them to get here!


Bluebird said...

Oh I love this. Thank you so much for sharing. You've inspired me - I think I should work on a list too. . . maybe I can include it in their scrabook :) Hope you don't mind of I steal!

Anonymous said...

of course I don't mind! :) it's way better for me now to write the happy things, because I focus so much on the terrifying horrible things. Trying to find a balance, you know?