Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Well, then.

I have spent most of this work in a tizzy. Yep, a tizzy is the best word I can come up with. A dramatic fit of crying all the time and feeling scared and sorry for myself.
I don't want to dwell.
But here's the long and the short of it.
Friday: Diagnosed with UTI, given antibiotics
Monday: Go back to urgent care, symptoms are not improving. Take another sample and a culture this time. Refer me to OB.
Ob says it's getting better from the second sample but will wait until culture.
UTIs hurt, yo.
Tuesday: Call OB. Tell me to take a urinary pain reliever and wait for culture to come back.
Today: Culture came back contaminated or whatever, I didn't give a good sample.

Ok, enough complaining. Seeing OB tomorrow and I will get this figured out. Taking lots of probiotics and guzzling cranberry juice.

Tonight, I decided I will not sit here and be miserable. I seriously need to be happy. I need to have a little fun. I can't be like this for 27 more weeks. Can't do it and won't. I need to live for the day because RIGHT NOW I am pregnant and RIGHT NOW I have this baby as my future-stupid UTI or not. I know this feeling won't last, but I'm trying to write it out so I remember to come back and read this.

So...I turned on my Michael Jackson History CD-on full blast-and got out my scrapbooking stuff and made some birthday cards and scrapbooked a few pages. Then I went out and bought my dog....a.......

SNUGGIE! (Do they have these in other countries? I think they are ridiculously funny, and the commercial cracks me up. Here is the commercial for the actual human one:

People buy these like crazy here. It cracks me up.

So, anyway, I am hanging in there. Not feeling the greatest, but hoping this all gets resolved soon.

Love to you all.


Once A Mother said...

hahahahahaha dog snuggie! awesome. I read somewhere that 90 percent of their sales are gag gifts. I bought one as a gag for a guy friend, it was leopard print, and his wife tells me he wears it all the time. Seeing how happy your pooch is, maybe my little charlotte pup needs one too.

sorry to hear about the UTI. they are not fun at all. I had one ever, and still remember how bad the pain was. Hope you feel better really, really soon.

ForeverElliot'sMommy said...

UTI's SUCK!! I am prone to them, lucky me, so I feel your pain. And good for you for taking control to feel how you want to! I admire thst!
And the snuggie, I almost bought one for my cat, he's big and the small dog one would fit him perfect. I think they ar HILL-arious!!

Akul's mama said...

I have never heard of a dog suggie!

Hope you feel better soon. Hugsss.

Tina said...

Hope it all clears up soon. Trying to stay positive is hard sometimes, but I think we have to at least try! xx

Krista said...

First off- I live in MI and it is colder than heck and yes, I do have a Snuggie and I use it! Second, the dog one cracks me up and I have been tempted to buy one for my cat that is the size of a dog just for laughs as well! Thirdly- wait until you are up with that baby at 2 in the morning and the Snuggie commercial comes one-- it will make you laugh so hard because you are just that tired!!! Can't wait for that moment for you!

Kerry said...

So sorry to hear you are still suffering from the UTI! They are the worst. I hope those antibiotics (and probiotics and cranberry juice, etc.) kick in NOW! Glad you are seeing the OB tomorrow. If you know my story (as I think you do,) you know I do not like to mess around with infections during pregnancy. Good luck!
Your pup in the snuggie made me laugh - hilarious! I had no idea they made dog snuggies.
Hang in there, Christy. It is tough, but you are doing great. :)

Kristy said...

I love the snuggie, and your dog. SO cute. I want one for me, haha. I hope you feel better soon, I know how painful and uncomfortable UTI's are. xo

Catherine W said...

Hope you feel better soon. UTIs are just so icky and uncomfortable.

I have never heard of a snuggie, perhaps we don't get them in the UK. BUT I so want one! Definitely cozy and your dog looks so cute in his. xo

Holly said...

They make doggie snuggies!? That's crazy and funny! But your dog looks super cute in it!!

I hope that your UTI doesn't stick around long.