Sunday, May 9, 2010

March of Dimes Walk 2010

It was a great day :) We were the top fundraising family for our area! The director came to talk to me and asked if he could share our story as the "face of the event" for next year's walk, which is amazing!
The weather wasn't that great, but everyone hung in there. It felt so good to do something for and in honor of Sophie and Aiden. Hoping that even our $2,000 can help another family NOT have to go through what we went through.

My favorite part of the day was right after the balloon release. We watched the balloons float up, up and away-and as soon as they were out of sight, we saw this:

which was literally the ONLY time that day the sun had come out :) I choose to believe that it was a sign from Heaven that they got the message.

We also let butterflies free. I got them donated from a charity organization and it was amazing to release new life into the world on a day like that.


Shanti Mama said...

Beautiful way to spend Mother's Day. Hope you are doing well and settling into the new home.

Jill said...

So happy you had a lovely day. I love that the sun shined just as the balloons went into the sky. What a magical moment!!

Courtney said...

How incredibly beautiful!!!


Lisette said...

What a beautiful day you had, so happy for you. The picture speaks for itself, amazing. You did an amazing job in raising money, hooray for you. What an honor that they asked you to do that. For the walk we had I got to release a dove in honor of my daughter, it was emotional but such an honor. I love knowing that our little one's are touching the lives of other's. Big ((HUGS)) to you.

Marie said...

Congrats on your fund raising! We also collected over $2000 in memory of our twins, Kennedy and Drew. We also had a cloudy day but as soon as we crossed the finish line, the sun came out.