Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ok, first the up:

I came back from a horrible doctor's appointment (see below for the "down") and there was a package in the mail for me. It was simply the MOST perfect timing and the MOST beautiful, beautiful necklace from Nan and Tina. It came from Mama Mia Custom Hand Stamped Jewelry, Tina's Etsy shop and is a gorgeous heart necklace with Sophie and Aiden's name on it. I just can't even tell you how getting something in the mail with your babies' names on it lifts you right up and gives you so much comfort.
I will post a pic tonight when I get home, but thank you so, so, so much girls :) Here it is:

Now the down (which is kinda up now):

I had my first appointment with the regular OB on Monday. My peri kicked me out, remeber? Told me how I was just a "normal" pregnant lady now and he couldn't see me anymore. So my initial reaction was to go back to Dr. B, who was my family doctor and had seen me in my pregnancy until we found out it was twins and saw me concurrently with Dr. P. But I had *just* gotten a letter in the mail that she was taking her practice down to half time for two years to work on a big project at the hospital. So, without knowing what to do, I chose Dr. D, who happened to be on call and so delivered our twins.
So, anyway, I get there and she's filling out her info sheet and asking me all these questions (that she could have looked right at the computer to get, but whatev-) and the starts looking at things. So first, she's like, so how is this pregnancy going?
Well, in my mind, it's going GREAT compared to the last, right? I mean, honestly-I have nothing to complain about.
So she says, let's talk about your gestational diabetes. This stopped me right away, because Dr. P's office told me I don't actually have it, but I was close, so I should go on the diet anyway. So I tell her this and she said, "Nope. You have it. And I don't know why you don't have a meter." She then describes all the really scary complications with GD (yes, she used the term stillbirth-which is something that happens when you have horrendous blood sugars that are completely NOT under control-and it's an increased risk, not a sure thing). WEll, I start to get very unsettled. So then she starts talking about how my blood pressure has been high-well, in the beginning. So, I say-ok, well, Dr.P never mentioned anything about that?
So then she says, well, let's just look at how much weight you've gained this pregnancy...
Now, seriously-if ANYone was going to get on my case about weight, it would have been Dr. P. I've gained-ready-7 pounds. Seven. WHATEVER.
So I mention to her that I get extremly anxious before doctor appointments and when I test my blood pressure at home or walmart, it seems to be normal. Also, if they test before and after I've heard a heartbeat/seen an ultrasound it goes back down.
So she says that her theory is that if "those kinda things" can make my blood pressure go up, then the guy that cuts you off on the road, and the annoying middle schooler can do it, too.
I just---don't---agree! I have PTSD! Middle schoolers don't trigger that! Bad driving doesn't trigger that! (ok, but I have had road rage before, not saying I'm innocent of that). So I'm just getting fed up and honestly, a little weepy, and she says-well, wait a minute.
She leaves me sitting there like a moron and goes to get "Jean" who is apparently a "care coordinator" for those "women like me" that have "problem pregnancies", etc.
I was so. pissed. off. She was so annoying-overly cheery and tilted her head and asked me about my "loss" and could she call me later in the week and see how I was doing?

Now, I don't want to seem unreasonable. I seem to remember complaining in the beginning that Dr. P wasn't appealing enough to my emotional side. But this? This was patronizing.

So she went ahead w/out my permission and added an appointment with her along with every appointment I have with the doctor.

I was fuming. THEN they took me in for "28 week" education, which consisted of a nurse, reading to me out of the stupid binder that they give everyone (not really stupid, but I'm mad) about what to look for in "preterm labor." She went on and on about how to know when your water breaks.

AHEM. Been there, done that. Pprom. Preterm labor. It was so horrible to sit there and listen to her read off the symptoms.

So, anyway, I stewed about it all day yesterday and then last night I sent a text to Dr. B (my original doctor-whom I love-who stayed in the NICU with me and rubbed my shoulders while Aiden took his last breaths) called me right back and pretty much demanded I come back to her practice-that she would make the time. I instantly felt so much better! That lady just RILED me up!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, that got long-I think I just needed to type it all out for people that I know might get it, rather than my friends, who say- well, um, she was just trying to be nice? Thanks for "listening". :)


Lisette said...

I am glad your original doctor scheduled you back in. I would have been annoyed by the other doctor too. Sorry you had to go through all of that.

Jen said...

ahh..I am soo glad she called you back..that is wonderful..She will take much better care of you :) ((hugs))

With Out My Punkin said...

I was going to say I hope you are not sticking with this wench. Seriously! How annoying! Can't wait to see the necklace!

Hope's Mama said...

Oh god, I'm so mad for you! I know just the type. I saw a few when preg with Angus.

AKD said...

I just love, love, love Sophie's and Aiden's necklace! That's so lovely!

Holy crap, you've only gained seven pounds? That's AWESOME. I've gained four pounds in the last two weeks, and that isn't even remotely an exaggeration. I'm so glad that your doctor wants to see you - it'll be nice to have someone who loves you and your babies!!

Jill said...

Happy that your doctor called you back! The necklace from Mama Mia is beautiful! xx

Whitney said...

I am so so SO sorry! My doctor is absolutely amazing, so I can't say I understand about this, but I can understand the hurt that comes when people say insensitive things about you babies and your pregnancy. My favorite recently was in regard to Mother's Day when someone told me, "Well, you're a mother...sort of"
I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes beautifully with your first doctor!

Tina said...

I am so glad you got the necklace on a rough day (but not glad you had to have a rough day!) I hope it put a smile on your face. And I'm happy to hear your dr will be taking you back...she sounds wonderful!! xx

Catherine W said...

Oh that necklace is so precious! How wonderful of Tina and Nan!

Oh ick, I'm so sorry about the doctor. I don't know why she would be so insensitive. The nurse reading the symptoms of pre-term labor out of the binder was just about the final straw. Apologies for my language but WTF?! So glad you have Dr. B back.

AKD said...

I just wanted to thank you so much for your sweet, sweet comment just now on my blog (I didn't know if this was the best way to contact you). I am just so sorry for all of the loss your family has suffered.

Nan & Mike said...

More hugs, sent you an email today :) Your pic the other day was so beautiful!!! Oh, and Ive gained 30 pounds, that person was on crack to tell you that!
Love, Nan xxxooo

Courtney said...

What a beautiful necklace. I love it!!!

Oh heck now, I would have been equally annoyed and frankly pissed off at the Dr. gosh, I'm so sorry you had to deal with all of that.

BIG *hugs* to you

Holly said...

The necklace is so beautiful!! That was so nice of them! :)

I'm glad you're going back to Dr. B. That other one just seemed nuts!