Sunday, April 18, 2010


What a CRAZY few weeks it has been. I honestly some days just don't know what is up and down. It's been very strange because while I love my job, relaxing is not a word I would use to describe it-and going to work has been my most relaxing time!
Now, I've also been taking it easy, so don't worry about that. Frankly, at 28 weeks pregnant, I don't have a choice-my body makes me take breaks :)
I also have had to be very careful because I actually tested borderline for gestational diabetes. I passed the 3 hour test, but one of the four I was right on the number you have to be below, so they want me to go on the American Diabetes Association Diet. I don't have to test my blood sugar or worry about insulin or anything at this point, but I'm counting carbs. I would like to say that EVERY FOOD EVER ON THIS PLANET has carbs in it. And a lot of them. Yeesh. I can have like a slab of meat or some cheese. And alllll the things I've been craving are very, very full of carbs! But, I know it's good in the long run, and today I found ice cream bars by Breyers that only have 5g of carbs in I was considering eating 10 of them for dinner (hehe).

Anyway, we move in less than two weeks-this weekend we packed and packed and packed and we are getting really close to being on track. We took care of all our utilities and started making to-do lists. The highlight of my weekend was going to Target and finally getting the new bathroom supplies I've been coveting (new shower curtain, towels, rugs, pretty garbage can and even a shiny nickel toilet bowl brush holder). It doesn't take much to get me excited! The one thing that I did buy that made me really sweat was we needed a shower curtain for the extra bathroom upstairs---i.e. the "kid" bathroom. I thought I should just leave it alone for now...and then I saw the most adorable shower curtain-it had waves and fish and a cute fishy rug and fishy shower curtain hooks----and on impulse I just bought it. I felt weird after, but I bought it anyway. I guess fish don't have to mean kids, so we could leave it either way?

I am struggling so much with believing this is really happening. In 8 weeks I will be considered full term. EIGHT weeks. Tomorrow I meet my new OB-finally-I made this appointment 3 weeks ago and I've been going nuts waiting for it! Thankfully, little babe has been moving around a ton and constantly reassuring me that all is ok. When we move, I will be 30 weeks pregnant. This has been my deadline/cut-off- once we move and are settled in I think I'm going to make a registry. And maybe buy a carseat/stroller, and some necessities. Other rainbow moms out there-how do you do this without feeling like you are tempting fate? I know it's different for everyone, but did you have a shower the second time around? I just am getting to the point where I can really feel the hope for all of this coming in.....and my type A personality is tugging at me to make lists and read consumer reports and I don't know, figure out how to take care of a baby?? I did take the plunge and sign up for two classes-a breastfeeding class and a basics of baby care class-for the end of May. They are easy enough to cancel, I figured. I feel like I'm getting closer to being ready for this. I've been actually walking through the baby section at Target (ok, once-but that's a big step!) and it makes me so happy and want to cry at the same time. I think deep down I know buying things can't make my baby die. But...well, you know. You all get it.

Yesterday morning we got to sleep in and I was very excited for this. I did get awakened at about 3 a.m. and this time, not by the dog! I was lying on my side and baby girl was doing I think yoga or perhaps Zumba in my belly (trying to be more athletic than her mom, I'd say). It was hysterical to just lay there and watch my belly stretch and move like there was an alien inside. Being less than 24 weeks when I delivered the twins, I never had anything like that happen. I just laid there thinking, "Oh my god, this makes me SO happy. Just so, so happy." And then I wondered when it would go away. When someone would take it away-because somehow happiness is only short term.

I also, who knows why, watched an episode of 16 and pregnant today. Um, hello, Christy-what are you doing? So the thing is, it was actually amusing-until they got to the birth scene. I just totally lost it and started sobbing hysterically. Will not be adding that to my Tivo.

Ok, sorry this post has been so long and rambling! I just wanted to check in. Here is a picture of me yesterday right before a friend's wedding (can you tell we're moving by the background???):

I look huge!!!!!!


Jill said...

You look so beautiful!! So happy you can feel baby girl doing all sorts of dance moves in there! :)

Courtney said...

Aww you look adorable. I'm so glad you got lots done and could feel little girl moving around.


Bree said...

You look beautiful! I'm glad you finally shared a picture. :) Im so happy to hear you're starting to feel like you can plan a bit for baby. I started my purchasing around 29-30 wks, as well. I think you should have a shower. You deserve it! Congrats on 28 weeks!!!!! xo

AKD said...

You look just absolutely adorable! I think our little girl has been running up the sides of my uterus, so I totally understand!

I've allowed myself to buy just a few small things - and then I have some ache or pain right afterwards, and worry that I screwed everything up by assuming too much. I think you're just SO normal, sweetie. You deserve to start planning, though!

Lizy said...

You look soo wonderful!!!!! I am so happy for you. Wishing you 10 more uneventful weeks!!!
I know what you mean anout 16 and pregnant. I Tivo'ed the one of the twins the other day. No way!!!! I will never see this again.

Catherine W said...

Aw you look so beautiful! Your description of your athletic little one and her yoga has me in tears. I'm so happy for you and I would love to have the same experience one of these days. I'm just sad that neither of us ever got to experience that with our twins.
NO CARBS?! Argh. I would be in serious trouble. I'm all about the carbs. I'm glad you located those ice cream bars :)
And EIGHT WEEKS! Argh! You've come so far. x

stumbull said...

Wow so much going on in such a short amount of time! Don't you just love seeing them moving around in your belly it is the best feeling ever. I wish I could say something to help with the feelings you are having but all I can do is offer a *hug*.
And 16 and Pregnant! I watched it last night, crazy, I just wanted to slap most of them!!!

Jen said...

you look BEAUTIFUL~I don't watch 16 and pregnant always makes me soo mad..and 8 weeks is not that far away! So glad to read this post, it made me smile today :) <3

Marie said...

Congrats! I don't know where you live but you can eat In n Out animal style minus ketchup and like, 5 french fries. Tofutti ice cream is low carb, too.

With Out My Punkin said...

So cute! Thank you for sharing :) I think you should have a shower, every baby deserves to be celebrated :} Just in case you need a reason to have a party and get presents! I know how you feel with the belly dancing, its awesome!!

Holly said...

I love that you included a picture!! :)

That has to be sooo hard to find a food that doesn't have carbs. Carbs + pregnant women = happy.
THat has to be tough!