Wednesday, October 28, 2009


is how I feel. About everything. But, especially blogging.
I still need to post two awards I got from Kristi at Moon and Back! AND I have to post the hilarious pictures of what Iamstacey sent me in the mail this week.. (thanks to both of you!). Stacey sent me her lucky stuffed sperm, which my dog immediately thought should be his toy, and a stuffed pig in order to honor my piggy flu. You're hilarious!
I am still in the middle of my two week wait (towards the end). I did, however, have a progesterone test last week and it showed that I definitely ovulated and for now is in a good range, so that is good news. I'm going to try to wait and see if my period comes-a part of me would rather see my period than that negative test...I just don't know.
My sister and my nephew are coming in from Milwaukee tonight and are staying until Saturday morning (we have Thursday and Friday off of school! WOOHOO!!!) so I will be busy with them. I have been reading all of your blogs, but not commenting because I can't comment from my school computer, but I am thinking of you and wishing some of you congratulations and sending any positive thoughts I have toward others. I hope you understand when I don't comment right away :(
Last weekend I met my best friend from college to have a "girl's weekend". We sit down and in the first 5 minutes she tells me that, "I asked my husband for a divorce and...well, I've met someone else, another teacher at school. He's married, too, and has a 5 and a 7 year old."
I almost fell off my chair.
What do I say to this?
It was a loooong weekend. I just was so...unsettled, ya know? I know she needs me there for support, but I needed to tell her how I felt and all of that, too. So it was sort of a scandalous weekend and I was left reeling from it.
Then more parent/teacher conferences on Monday.
At the very end, this parent came up to me. We talked about her two sons.
Then, she got close to me, tilted her head and said, "How are YOU doing?"
My heart started to pound.
I think I said something like, "I'm hanging in there."
So, THEN, THEN she asked, "Are you guys going to try again?"
Honestly, not even some of my closest friends have asked me this question. I was totally taken aback.
She just kept going. She told me I had to have hope. How hard it is.
She wouldn't stop.
I just couldn't even believe this woman! I complain all the time about how people don't ask me about the babies but then, whoa! Social boundaries!
Then today at school, the weirdest thing happened. I'll try to sum it up.
-I am terrified of spiders (TERRIFIED)
-the kids know this and think it's hilarious
-they like to joke around with me
-most of the time I think it's funny
-Live spiders
-So not funny
So, I go out to the lunchroom and the kids right away tell me they heard so and so talking about it. I go up to her and she says, "I have a neighbor who got kicked out of school but he's mad at you because you failed him last year and wanted to get back at you so he had me bring them."
So many things wrong with this sentence.
But apparently there is a middle school student out there who is angry with me. In 6 years of teaching, I've had maybe 5 kids get an F in my class. Honestly, it's usually kids that miss a TON of school or something like that. But I'm so bothered by this!!! I know I should just let it go, but yeesh. I'm so not used to this.
Ok, well, I still need to clean the bathroom and get fresh sheets for my sister. Off I go!


2Erica2 said...

Wow! We teachers deal with so many things, but one of the things I hate the most is taking the blame for failures....Sure, we are disappointed when a child fails, but where has society gone wrong to place the entirety of education on the shoulders of teachers? Where are parents' or individuals' responsibility these days?

Just Breathe said...

I continue to keep you in my prayers. Have fun with your company. My dad just went home after two weeks with me. (My brother lives in Milwaukee)
Sorry about that weekend, didn't go as planned did it?

Live spiders, I would shit in my pants!!!

May God bless you with all your needs.

Akul's mama said...

Amazing how students get angry when it is actually their fault. Hugssssssssss

Holly said...

That's good that your progesterone is in a good range.

Enjoy the time with your sister and nephew!

I can't believe a student would get back at you by doing that. Doesn't make sense to me seeing how it's up to the student on what grade they get. Geez!

MK said...

Do you get hazard pay because I'm so freaked out by spiders, I would have flat out died in the classroom...

Jen said...

wow.. by the BF, students and the parent.. that is so incredibly personal.? I thought about being a teacher for like a minute.. I knew I was not cut out for it.. I would have killed some little tween for putting spiders in front of me..grr..have a blast with your sister and nephew!

Kate said...

Congrats on the high progesterone levels! Sounds promising!

Hang in there with the spiders and friends with issues... yikes.

Christy said...

Yes--spiders are so not cool. I would have freaked.

So glad to year about your levels....wait-n-see!

Have fun with your sister...relax.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the furries! :)

A mad middle-schooler is kind of creepy! Did you ever see that '80's movie with John Cusak called Better off Dead? There's a creepy middle schooler who delivers their paper and stalks Cusak on a bicycle yelling, "I want my two dollars!!" That's what it reminds me of!

Boo for nosy student moms. :(