Thursday, October 14, 2010

Support Needed

I was hoping for some extra prayers/support for some blogs I follow.

One of Sonja's quads, Liam, who is a 28 weeker was just hospitalized with RSV. She's hoping he recovers quickly and that his 3 siblings don't have it as well!

Rebecca has a close friend (Tiffany) who has been there for her through the loss of her baby. Now, her friend's son suddenly died at 4.5 months old-so, so horrible. THEN, and this just makes me sick to my stomach, someone left a horribly cruel comment on Tiffany's blog, so she had to make it private. People seriously just sicken me. At any rate, you can leave support on Rebecca's blog.

I posted to the LFCA, but in case you don't read that, I thought I'd ask to send you there as well.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I saw Sonja post today and I am keeping him in my prayers.

I will keep Tiffany and her family in my prayers and I am heading over to Rebecca's post to leave a message for them.

Lisette said...

Oh goodness, sending many many prayers to them.

Nan & Mike said...

This is so incredibly sad and my heart broke reading it. Thanks for supporting are such an awesome friend. Love, Nan xxx

AKD said...

You are such a wonderful source of support!

sonja said...

Christy, thank you so much for your prayers for Liam and for posting to your blog and LFCA. That means so much, I am sure your prayers are a huge reason Liam is improving!

I just spent some time reading your blog. Your babies are so beautiful. I love all of their names. I admire your strength and will keep your family in my prayers.