Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ella

Please go send some love to my friend, Bree , who is celebrating her sweet daughter Ella's 3rd birthday in Heaven.

I wish she was here, my friend.



Nan & Mike said...

Always sending love to you and Bre e, she is lucky to have you :) xxxooo

Lori said...

Wishing she and all our little ones were with their mommies. xoxoxoxo

Kathy said...

Christy, you are such a sweet friend to Bree, I met Ella, Bree and Nora through you when Bree was on bedrest with Nora. When she was having a hard time and you being the good friend you are knew she needed some hugs. And now here you are again being such a sweet friend. I know there are many days that you need a hug too. I am so happy you have each other, and happy that you are getting together this summer. Avery and Nora will have so much fun together. I was on Ellas blog a few days ago and read the beautiful post Bree had on there, I sent her some hugs that day and here are some for you too. I know it's hard. It's been over 27 years for me and we never will forget and never stop loving our precious babies that are not with us. It may not always be as raw as early days but there will always be reminders and days that we will be sad forever. Take care my friend.

Hugs from Kathy S.

Jim said...

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