Friday, November 4, 2011


Y'all, I'm going crazy using Shutterfly. I like to do my holiday shopping early, and I always get stuck on my grandpa and my husband's grandma. They really don't want anything....and I struggle to get ideas from them...and I remembered: Shutterly! I've been cranking out the calendars, mugs, giant pictures of Avery like you can't believe.
The other day I told the hubs I should really figure out what will be on our holiday cards and get them ordered. Then, I remembered the blog promotion they did last year and searched to see if I could find it, and I did!

You all should use Shutterfly this year. It's inexpensive, fast, and it makes GREAT gifts. It's so easy, and I love how they deliver right to your house instead of visiting the store with the nasty germ covered photo machines and having to go out in the cold, snowy weather to pick them up!

The other reason I love them is because they just have more choices. My sister married into a family that is Jewish, so I like to send cards with "Happy Holidays" or ones that even say Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Kwanzaa, etc. So I get more options with shutterfly as well.

Here are some links for you to check out:


· Christmas cards

· greeting cards

· invitations to

· photo mugs

· photo cards

As soon as I get our holiday cards done, I'll post back so you can see a picture of it. Last year I did a top ten list of what we did that year and it was an AMAZING way for me to mention Aiden and Sophie without feeling like I'd be judged.

Share yours with me, too! And check out the blog promotion! It's rad.


Angela said...

ahhh! you are so on it! I'm jealous! We did a calendar of Livie last year, and are gonna do it this year. Last year, we staged a photo for every month (did the whole calendar in a week, it was crazy) but this year I'm gonna just do most of the pics I've already got. I so need to get on it, and do our calendars they were the best presents ever to give out! And I need to do our holiday cards, too! Need to get a fam pic :)

Catherine W said...

Ooo what a good idea! And you are VERY organised. So looking forward to seeing your holiday cards xo

Anonymous said...

I wanna do a Shutterfly book of Davie for the grandparents this year! I can't wait to explore it! :)

Anonymous said...

if they support is a good idea .... please comment on my blog congratulations in the direction

With Out My Punkin said...

Keep your eye out for living social and groupon deals too! I have gotten lots of books for free too, with random deals my publisher and walgreens run.

Anonymous said...

I just made my first book about Davie for the grandparents (and us)! It took me three days but it came out awesome! I'm amazed by me! ;)