Sunday, September 18, 2011

Checking In

I have to say that it feels awfully good to have people check in on me (Thanks, Stacey!!) but I feel bad that I slack off and make people HAVE to check in on me.
I am having a writing block. I've had a really rough time lately, but it just seems so....redundant. So already talked about. :(
I'm still reading, whenever I have a spare second I try-but I just haven't been able to feel out what I want to say.
Thank you all for everything :)


Kate said...

I'll read along, no matter how redundant you feel it might be. But, I get the blocked feeling. I'm sorry you've been having a particlarly rough time. I hope it smoothes out a bit for you soon. Thinking of you and your babies. xo

Groves said...

As always, you seem normal to me.

Sometimes there are just no more words left to say. Even the same old ones - they just don't "say it." And so nothing is said, even though there is so much to say.

And it certainly doesn't mean that things are "all better" or "over" or that the road has gotten easy.

The words just won't do it, and I don't know what else to turn to, either.

Your "writer's block" doesn't feel like slacking, not from here. Normal all over again.

Always thankful for your words - and with you in the more silent times, too -

Cathy in Missouri

Jessica said...

I think of you often and so very glad to see you pop up on my reader when you do post. No matter how repeatative it may feel, your words are always worth saying. I'll be here to read what you have to say regardless of how often you post!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're hangin' in there. I wish there were words to make it better. Just know we're thinking of you and you are missed!